Declaration of Solvencys271
1Statutory DemandReg 4(1)
4Notice of a Petition for bankruptcy/InsolvencyReg 13,89
5Notice of Intention to appear n petitionReg 15, 91,139
11Notice of meeting of creditorsReg 29,71
12Notice of appointmentReg 35, 98,102,144
19Notice of winding upReg 86
20Statement of affairs for companiesReg 106
25Notice of Liquidators reportReg 131
26Return of Final AccountReg 133
29Notice of Special Resolution for Voluntary Winding upReg32
30Proof of DebtReg172(6)
32Proof of debt of workersReg 188
34Appointment of General ProxyReg 172(6)
35Appointment of Special proxyReg 207
Form 1Application for registration as an Insolvency PractitionerReg 5,11
Form 3Annual Returns For Insolvency PractitionersReg 15(2)
Form 29Notice of RecievershipReg 165
Form 31Rejection of Proof debtReg 176